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Talking to a Tennessee Moon


This CD project has 12 songs written by Candace Corrigan,

performances by:

Mark O’Connor,Jerry Douglas,Edgar Meyer,Russ Barenburg, Kenny Malone,Mark Schatz,Larry Paxton,Sarah Wilfong,Al Goll,Avent Lane, Ellen Angelico and Bill Crabtree. Vocals by Candace Corrigan, Janne Henshaw and Carol Levack. Engineers include Bil Vorndick, Jim Cummings and Sam Ventura.Producers include: Waylan Patton, Jim Cummings and Sam Ventura. This CD is mastered by Gleb Iarovoi . Special thanks to Martin Fisher,curator of recorded media at the Center for Popular Music, MTSU, for the delicate process of tape restoration of the original masters,as well as Dale Brown of the MTSU Department of Recording Industry for the successful tape transfer to the digital realm.



Cover photo by John MacDaniels. CD package designed by Daniela Comacho.

All other Photos by Chuckie Arland

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This first good song I ever wrote, about a first love and tender heartbreak. I love the fact that the musicians just went with my different time signatures in this song.

“Standing on the edge of the road that day

Trying just to wave goodbye

My heart was breaking as he drove away

Dust from the dirt road, hanging in the sky.”

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Its been my experience that country people know about floods and fires, and heartbreak that often surrounds tragedy. Sarah Wilfong’s playing is so lonesome, so like the story of the song.

I love Al Goll’s dobro, and of course, Carol and Janne’s singing takes hold of my heart,

but then they always do that to me


” The way that I see it,

It was just too much rain

And we couldn’t stop the river

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A story told to me by a friend of a friend, one afternoon at her house in the country. Sometimes you have to put one foot in front the other and go on.

The duet by Mark O’Connor and Edgar Meyer is pure genius.

“ I grew up in this little town,

I got married at seventeen

Too young, too hard, two babies later

I was finally waking up from that bad dream”

05.Alvin Lee

This is a story of the bewildering feelings a young girl felt for a boy named Alvin Lee, who later became her husband.

“Alvin Lee? Oh, he was so so handsome, he drove me to distraction.”

I love the way that Jerry Douglas’s dobro echoes the vocal and seems to be the music playing on her radio.

” Get away soon as you can , Hon

Leave that very day

I got one thing on my mind

And it ain’t runnin’ away”

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This is a story of love, longing, betrayal and regret.

The duet between Mark O’Connor and Edgar Meyer is pure genius.

“ If you’re willing, for your sake

You could learn from my mistake

If you don’t want your heart to break

Never take what you got to steal”

Lily western.jpg

Inspired by a beautiful risk taker, and barrel racer from the next county over. It’s almost a Cajun tune, and the musicians made me imagine I was on that dance floor.

” She’d be the first to tell you up front

You better take a chance you only love once

She’ll keep a lookin’ until she finds

Some boy with kisses of the wildest kind”

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A story told to me by a woman working in a silk mill, also called a lingerie factory, once so common in Tennessee. It can be a pretty tough place to work. Mark Schatz’s mountain banjo is so perfect and the country fiddle by Glen Duncan give such an authentic feeling to this somewhat dark tale.

“ And it’s two long years

I been working nights

Where I said I’d never be”

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A sultry song about a summer romance. Fun stuff from all the musicians . Bill Crabtree gives us steady creative percussion, Ellen Angelico gets to jam a bit there at the end.

A very fun song to sing.

“ Out on the lawn, out in the flowers

Lightning bugs begin to spark

Day is descending into the hour

Hanging on the edge of the dark”

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This is a true story, about love for family and some unfortunate things said by a preacher at a funeral. Russ Barenburg’s guitar performance is particularly sensitive. It brings me to tears. “

“Standing with my mama by his side

Looking at my brother and me with pride

Tossing me up in the air so high

With his big old calloused hands

My daddy was a good fine man

kathleen as a youngster2.jpg

In honor of one of my dearest life long friend’s love of her country home. The picture is one taken of her around the time I wrote the song.

She recently reminded me of the day, so long ago, when we were walking and watching a hawk circling above us.

“ When I walk out of this door

I see these hills and nothing more

Until I reach God’s golden shore

Here’s where I’ll stay”

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An expression of a quiet moment, looking at the moon.

What a thrill to sing when Mark O’Connor is in your head phones.

“And as the clouds part

I am telling my heart

To the moon, my old friend

And the world cannot guess

All the things I confess or I pretend”